"Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" Conference - 2014
Christ Chapel in Kinnelon, New Jersey - Pastor Bill Kapr

The Kapr family sang and led the
singing during the meeting.

A chart I made that shows the overview
of "Biblical Human History"

Pastor Kapr and I take part in a Biblical Quiz show.
Fun way to do a review of the message material.
I wore a ball cap with Air Force written on th
front to remind folks I was in the Air Force
That previous night someone said that I was in the Navy!

Message on "Christ in You and You in Christ"

Message on "Law versus Grace"


Mission Trip to Guatemala City, Guatemala - 2014

The ladies sing during a school recess.

We got to preach in many schools; both private
and public. Thousands of children heard the
gospel and many were saved.

My wife Marilyn giving her testimony in the main
plaza of Guatemala City. Dr. Bill Haag is
translating into Spanish for her.

My wife Marilyn and I at the mission house
where we were staying.

My wife Marilyn with a couple of her fans.

Outdoor meeting. Pastor Saul Jaurez
was our sponsor for the trip.

The ladies sang in schools, churches,
and at the police academy.

Dr. Bill Haag presented the gospel to about
three hundred police cadets.


Mission Trip to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico - 2014

Misison Team: Dr. Bill Haag, Dr. Carl Deems,
Marilyn Deems, and Charlie Brower

Charlie Brower passing out tracts.

Dr. Bill Haag presented the gospel to Marilyn's
hairdresser and she got saved!

Passing out tracts

Dr. Bill Haag preached and this little boy got saved.

Charlie Brower passing out tracts.

My wife Marilyn gets to shop and pass
out tracts at the same time.


"Time Management Conference" given at Solid Rock Baptist Church, New Jersey with Pastor Dave Struble

Where Did the Time Go?

"Where Do I Go From Here With My Life"
Time management is life management.

Defining "Time."

My poster illustrating "Priorities."

Doing my illustration on
"Everlasting Life" for the kids.

Giving a missionary presentation
on my trip to Nairobi, Kenya

Giving a talk on the super hero FAT Man:
Faithful, Available, and Teachable


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